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For the first time in a model un, your choices, resolutions and speeches will determine what happens to the world and affect the outcome of the entire conference. 

Will you make the right choice?

Here's what makes us Unique

Inter-Council Interactions
Our councils don't exist in a void. The entire conference is interlinked in such a way that all councils are interdependent on each other
Conference App
To execute our unique features and improve the model un experience, we are providing you with our amazing app
Choice-Based Outcome
Your choices, speeches and resolutions will at the closing ceremony, lead the conference to 1 out of 4 pre-determined outcomes.
"Great Staff, very friendly and easy to contact! Can’t wait for the conference!"
Nikolas Ratmoko, Indonesia
"An excellent team of passionate members who are going to pull a great conference!"
Sarah Manzoor, Malaysia

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How much you will pay

Delegate Fee

4 Days
1000 Delegates
3 meals a day
5 - Star Venue
Exclusive Discounts
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Total for 3 Nights
Breakfast Included
20% discount on food
24/hr in room dining
5 - Star Hotel
1. Is Accommodation and flight provided? 
Accommodation and flight tickets are not included in the Delegate fee. However, you can can get 5 - star accommodation in the conference venue at a special rate given to our delegates
2. When  should we complete Payment?
Payment should be completed as soon as your application has been accepted and no later than before the end of the registration period. Council and Country assignments in addition to the invitation letter will be provided upon successful payment. Don't worry there is a money-back guarantee!
4. Can I get a Visa letter? 
Although we cannot directly sponsor your visa, we will be providing a supporting visa invitation letter for all our delegates once they have successfully paid and become our delegate/observer/chair.
3. Do you provide any Scholarships?
We do provide scholarships via contests and giveaways periodically as we get sponsors willing to fund delegates. So stay tuned for any such announcements. However, do not miss out the application window. If you register and pay and then get a scholarship, we will provide a refund

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Why you should join

Challenge Your Strategic Thinking Ability 
In our conference you have the unparalleled opportunity to push your strategic thinking abilities and be a hero who saves the world - atleast the world inside our conference

Network with Amazing People
We have delegates registering from all around the world. Unlike many other networking opportunities, model un provides an exciting platform to network with ambitious individuals just like you

Increase your career prospects
Not only will our conference look great on your CV, it will also provide you with the opportunity to hone and perfect your soft skills so that you can climb up your career ladder faster than the rest

Experience true teamwork
Just like the real UN, at the end of the day, model un is a collaborative platform. You will experience the exhilaration of working in our unique conference features while attempting to save the world - together 

Ready to join? Here's how

Click the 'I want to apply now' button 

You will then be taken to our MyMUN page where you can Apply Now. You will first have to create a MyMUN Profile. 

Don't forget to confirm your email!
Select which role you are applying for - 
Delegate, Observer or Chair

Choose your preferred councils and write a motivation letter. This helps us give you, your preferences. 
Once you submit your application you will need to wait to be accepted. 

You will then receive an email with all necessary details including payment

Early Bird period has ended. Regular Registrations will end by 15th October
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What Role will you play?

The 'main character' of any model un conference. Delegates have the crucial task of debating and discussing on the critical issues of our conference within the context of each council, and come up with a resolution - hoping to save the future. Fees: $279

The leaders of every council in a sense. Chairs must ensure that delegates debate and discuss on the most efficient manner and direct the council towards order - not chaos. Due to the importance and competitiveness of this role, we will be sponsoring all our chairs to our conference. This includes registration fee and stay
Fees: $0

Although easy to dismiss their relevance, observers, have a vital role of providing analytical support to their fellow delegates in the council and have a better view of the overall progression of the conference. Observers are not required to participate in debate. Fees: $199

And in Which Council?

European Union


African Union





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November 15-18th 2018 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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